"I am making wonderful sauces and salad dressings that conform to the TQI way and I’m trying new fruits and
vegetables I never tried before. Thank you again for doing what you do in improving peoples lives and
improving my life.
TQI Diet Class Syllabus
    Class 1
    What is inflammation
    Why quieting inflammation is key to health.
    The nuts & bolts of the Illumination Phase of the TQI Diet

    Class 2
    how to maintain the good intestinal microbes.
    How essential fats impact our health.
    How foods are genetically modified.

    Class 3
    What are antioxidants and how do antioxidants prevent
    oxidative stress damage and inflammation
    How a healthy liver maintains blood sugar levels and
    How to help the liver cope with environmental toxins, including

    Class 4
    Why it is important to test for food sensitivities
    How to test for food sensitivities.
    How our protein choices affect our health.
    Recent research on osteoporosis.
    The importance of food quality.

    Class 5
    Creating an individual long-term healthy way of eating        
    How to evaluate claims of miracle foods, miracle supplements,
    and miracle diets.
    How to eat to quiet inflammation in a nutshell.

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