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Online Class Information

    Online Class Information

    How to get to class:

    The day before each weekly class, you will get a class link and a password by email. Your password will be good for the
    entire next day so you can choose when to watch the class

    Do make sure you have that email well in advance of the time you want to attend class. If you cannot find your email,
    contact admin for assistance. However, note: Immediate assistance may not be available so locate that email in advance
    of the time you want to attend class.
    You can pause and resume the class video but (unlike say Netflix), the system will not remember where you left off. If
    you are shutting down your device, make a note of the time point where you ended so you can move the cursor and
    restart there.

    In the Classroom

    You will watch a video of a lecture given by Kathy Abascal.

    Please jot down questions that come up for you during class and email them to Kathy at TQIKathy@gmail.com and she
    will answer those quickly

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