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Email if you have questions
Select your make up class from drop down menu below
choose class you wish to attend, not class you are registered in.
A confirmation email for your make up will be sent no later than
a week before your make up is scheduled.
Missed a class?
Please submit a make up form to attend a
make up before this series ends.
1. While we do our best to offer make up classes,
we cannot guarantee that make up classes will be
available should you miss a class.

2. Make up classes are most often only available
in one of our scheduled live online classes.
are not available on demand.
If we have space,
make ups are sometimes available at our in
person locations.

Requests for a make up class in a future
series MUST be submitted while your class
series still is in session or within two (2)
weeks of the last class.

4. Read here about system requirements to
attend the online class.

5. If the make-up request form is not submitted at
least 24 hours before the day of the online class
you wish to attend, we cannot guarantee you will
get the links needed  to to attend the class.    

6. Any of the five (5) classes can be made up
within a series, provided space is available.

7. Only two (2) classes can be made up in the
next class series (e.g. you can only miss 2 classes
in this series and make them up in the following
series. In person make ups are not offered in
future series; only online make ups are available.

8.Make up classes cannot be used to reduce the
tuition for attending a future class series.

9. There is a $5 administrative fee for each make
up class. This fee will not be refunded nor
transferred once processed should you decide
not to attend the requested make up class
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