What is the best set up to attend the webinar?

Many do fine attending the webinar via WiFi, but the best set up for the webinar is to have your computer
connected directly to the ethernet.

My audio is not loud enough. Can you turn up the volume?

Kathy's microphone is set to maximize sound without distortion. The speakers on each computer device is
different. For example, Admin has volume of her speakers set at 15%. If your audio is not loud enough, even
though your volume is maxed out, consider connecting your computer device to external speakers. Listening
via USB headset may improve audio over your computer's internal speaker.

The audio is cutting in and out, missing words

Kathy is set up with a dedicated computer connected directly to the ethernet on a broadband connection,
with a USB headset/microphone.

As a check on Kathy's connection, Admin (Holly) is connected via WiFi on DSL  If Admin's audio/video
delivery is good, then attendee issues are most likely related to the set up of the attendee.

Most attendees do not report audio issues, but if you do, try to call in on the telephone and listen to the
webinar on the phone, while watching the slide show on your computer.
 A telephone # and participant pin is
available once the webinar starts.

Then check the following:

1) Make sure all your windows except the webinar are closed

2) If you must use WiFi, to optimize delivery, make sure no other processes are using up memory on your
computer device, and that others are not using the WiFi in your household.

3) For next week's class connect directly to the Ethernet

I can hear Kathy, but I do not see the slide show

If Kathy begins her lecture and you are not seeing the slide show:it is usually a case of there being more
than one window open on your computer, and the slide show is presenting behind the front window you are
seeing. Minimize your front window and see if the slide show isn't presenting on a window behind. Then
close all but the slide show window.

Where is my class invite? I cannot find it!

The email invite is sent out each week  by end of the day before your scheduled class. Plese do look for this
invite the night before class (rather than waiting till class time!).

If you cannot find it, consider the following:

1) Are you looking in the inbox of the email address that you registered for class with?

2) When you registered for class, did you receive payment confirmation and a Welcome Email from TQI
Diet? If not, you may have entered your email address incorrectly.

2) Did you read your Welcome Email and put admin@tqidiet.com and kathy@tqidiet.com in your contacts
list? If not, check your spam folder (Promotions folder in gmail.com

If you cannot find your Class Invite email, contact Admin:  
admin@tqidiet.com for assistance