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How to Get to the Online Class

    How to get to class each week:

    Each week you will receive an email invite by end of day, the day before the class is held, e.g.
    for Wednesday evening's class, look for you invite after 3 pm on Tuesday; for Saturday morning's
    online class, look for your invite after 3 pm on Friday.

    Best to know where this email is before class time, so you don't have to miss any of the lecture. If you cannot find your
    email invite, contact admin for assistance. Please do this well before class start time.

    This email invite contains a link for access to class each week.

    When you click the blue link, you will see this login form. Type in your name and hit 'Enter'

    If you are in the waiting room, and still hearing music at/after class start time, you need to close all your
    windows, go back to your email invite and re-enter the webinar.

    If for some reason, you are having trouble entering the webinar, contact Admin
    for assistance:   admin@tqidiet.com

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