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How to Connet to the Ethernet

    The best delivery of the webinar occurs when your device is directly connected to the ethernet, rather than WiFi.
    This is done by connected the ethernet cable directly from your modem to your computer device. For many WiFi
    connection works fine, but just in case yours doesn't you may want to be prepared to connect directly.

    Once you have connected the ethernet cable between the modem and your computer device, you will want to make sure
    you are disconnected from the WiFi. Click on the WiFi icon on the task bar at lower right of your screen:

    and then disconnect from the wireless connection.

    If you are directly connected to the ethernet, when you have disconnected from the wireless connection, you should see
    the following icon.

    Test that you are still connected to the internet by going to amazon.com. That website is usually up and running.