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In The Class Room

    In the Classroom

    You will watch a slide show on your computer while listening to a live lecture by Kathy Abascal.

    Computer speakers are usually adequate, but depending on the quality of those, using auxiliary speakers will improve
    sound control. Ear buds/headset can also be helpful.

    One can also call in on the telephone to listen to the webinar, while watching the slide show on the computer.
    Once the webinar has started, click the Info gear  icon in upper right of webinar window and a pop up will appear with
    telephone # and pin # .  

    Good idea to jot the phone/pin # down at the beginning of class. in case your power goes out or a mishap occurs with your
    device, you can call in and listen to the webinar.

    If you would like to have the slide show fill the screen, click the 4-arrow icon as in the above image.
    Click ESC to exit full screen.

    Using the Chat Box

    We are all muted during class and do not need a microphone.

    As questions come up during the webinar, type them into the chat box and Kathy will answer them during and after class.
    The chat box can be found at the lower left of the screen.

    You can also type a chat to admin here, if you have technical issues.

    iPhone/iPad/Android Users:

    If you are connecting to the webinar with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, look for a response from admin in your email inbox.
    We are not able to 'chat' back to these devices.